Sport 2 Spirit


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Never Fall/2 in 1 Fitness and Massage

Compared with the traditional hula circle hoop, the upgraded smart hula circle hoop is easier to use and will never fall, even the beginners can use it. When using this hula circle, body will be burned quickly, physical fatigue will also disappear soon. They can also massage your waist to help you relax. One product, two functions: side movement, side massage.


Compared to conventional hula circle hoop, this hula circle hoop does not fall off and solves the problem that beginners cannot use it. Free Adjustment Of 24 Sections: in total, there are 24 sections of the intelligent hoop with a magnetic buckle that can be freely put together to fit your own waist size. can fit your belly in all directions, so that every part of you can fully feel the burning of fat.

Adjustable Exercise Intensity After Upgraded

Made of hard ABS plastic to prevent equipment aging.And different from the ordinary smart hula circle hoop, the user can change the number of weight-bearing blocks in the weight ball according to their own bearing capacity, and thus change their exercise intensity (1 to 4 weight-bearing blocks can be placed, each about 60g). At the same time, the intensity of exercise can be changed by adjusting the length of the rope.

Customer Reviews

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Felton Rippin

Alles super

Lenny Schroeder

Abdominal Sport Hoops Trainer

Marlee Oberbrunner

Arrived in 10 days in France. Very easy to install and operate

Nya Gorczany

It came very fast, just like the picture

Chelsie Wyman

Came very quickly, less than a week. The quality is good, the only negative is too loud to crack during use. In all other respects, there are no complaints. Even a screwdriver is in order to fill the weighting agent with sand. I use the second week, thanks to the seller